Don't Miss Out On Our Tasty Boudin

Purchase boudin balls in Lafayette, Krotz Springs, Opelousas or Scott, LA by visiting Billy's Boudin and Cracklin

Nothing says Louisiana cuisine like boudin balls infused with local crawfish. Stop by Billy's Boudin and Cracklin in Lafayette, Krotz Springs, Opelousas or Scott, LA to get your fill.

You can enjoy all the classic flavors with some delicious new takes. We're confident that you'll love our boudin, even if you've never had it before. Visit us now to give our boudin balls a shot.

We have several ways you can eat boudin

We offer three types of boudin-regular, smoked and crawfish. Want some of our prepared boudin items? Your options include:

  • Boudin balls: original boudin balls, pepper jack boudin balls, crawfish balls
  • Boudin rollups: original boudin rollups, pepper jack boudin rollups, crawfish rollups
  • Boudin pistolettes and breads: original boudin pistolettes, crawfish pistolettes, boudin stuffed bread

We use local crawfish in our boudin. Contact us now to learn more about our boudin in Lafayette, Krotz Springs, Opelousas and Scott, LA. Our boudin is priced per pound.